Classes, Training, and Consulting

Joe Jordan with students at sunset

Joe has been providing solar and renewable energy consultation for individuals, businesses, industry and agriculture, school districts, non-profits, indigenous tribal councils, and municipalities on

  1. system design and installation
  2. course development
  3. power purchase agreements
  4. energy efficiency
  5. community choice aggregation

for over twenty years. If you or your organization are considering a solar, renewable or energy efficiency project, and you have questions, contact Sky Power today for a free initial consultation.

  1. San Jose State University

    Math 71 - Calculus Syllabus
    Meteorology 112 - Global Climate Change Syllabus

  2. Cabrillo College: Fundamentals of Renewable Energy Systems, Solar Photovoltaic Design and Installation, Passive Solar Design
  3. Known fondly by many of his students as “Cosmic Joe”, a moniker he first received as a guest teacher on Dr. Ken Norris’ legendary UCSC Field Quarter, Joe Jordan has been teaching and inspiring people of all ages for over thirty years with his “tall true tales of the universe” and the “magic of physics in nature”, as well as mentoring and ushering many into successful professions in the solar industry.
Training and Curriculum Development

Joe is always ready for the next adventure, wherever in the world it may take him! Please give him a call if you'd like to discuss how he might enrich your excursion with a tour of the heavens and tall true tales of the universe, or to find out where his next adventure will lead. Some of Joe's past expeditions include:

  1. Stargazing aboard the Chardonnay
  2. Sequoia National Park Natural History Association Delta Aquarid Meteor Shower weekend
  3. Ice and Fire in the Sky: Discover the Northern Lights in Iceland
  4. In the Path of Totality: Solar Eclipse Cruise
  5. Waves & Rainbows, Bubbles & Crystals, Whirlpools & Shadows, Echoes and Mirages: hiking the Sunset Rim in Big Basin State Park
  6. Exploring a Sense of Place
  7. Black Mountain Montebello Open Space Preserve
  8. Mount Tamalpais Astronomy Night
  9. Discover a secret 100 foot waterfall: hike the Santa Cruz North Coast Big Creek watershed
  10. Southern Sky! Stars of the Galapagos

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