MISSION: Solar & Renewable Energy Consulting & Education

Joe Jordan with students at sunset

The Sky Power Mission: helping to sustain our planetary resources by promoting solar energy research, development, education and practice at home, and in schools, organizations and communities around the Earth.

Sky power is sunlight, wind, and rain: clean, limitless resources that have run the natural world throughout the ages, and which we now can and must increasingly tap to run our civilization sustainably. This renewable energy flow is democratically distributed through the environment, offering widespread true wealth. We need a forceful movement to “take back the day” from the pollution of fossil fuels by modernizing our technological infrastructure for a brighter future.

Sky Power is an educational organization established to help foster the understanding, development, and application of sustainable energy systems in our society, as well as a deep appreciation of the natural world.

Why teach and practice solar technologies? It's very important that our country and the world move rapidly into developing and deploying modern energy technologies by harnessing clean, renewable solar power and the related resources of wind, small hydro, biomass, and geothermal. The increasing environmental, geopolitical, and just plain dollar costs of our fossil-fuel and nuclear infrastructure, make the abundance and democratic distribution of solar energy an opportunity far too valuable for us to continue passing up. A key contribution to realizing this goal will be made by education and public awareness.

We invite you to tap in to Sky Power. To learn more about how you can develop independent, clean, renewable energy resources for your home and community, take one of our courses, or contact us.

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